Flip Flops

It’s fun to see your logo design printed on different objects and materials.

Design Breakfast Door Hanger

challenge : The hotel has about 3 different types of room doors.  These cards needed to fit all the doors.  Choice of material was important.  The cards needed to be tough but writeable.

Responsive design ≠ mobile first

Since a few years almost every new website design needs to be responsive as a rule of thumb. The technique of fitting -or shrinking- all content from  desktop to the size of a phone makes one believe that all will be fine using one single design.  The responisveness will take care of the rest, right?…

The advantages and disadvantages of using svg images in responsive websites

The SVG format has plenty of advantages over other image formats for the web. It’s vector-based, compact, and even editable via plain text editors thanks to the XML syntax. There’s a reason why it’s becoming increasingly more popular, especially with the steadily growing mobile web. Responsive webdesign is where it has a lot of strengths….

Web Design Pitfalls

Like most cultural products, web design has its own zeitgeist. Every year sees a new crop of popular design components and features. Attitudes and trends change rapidly, especially with the fast pace of new technological developments. To stay relevant, web designers need to tune into innovations in web design, especially those that connect with current…

Design logo hotel Villa Anita

brief : the logo for Hotel Villa Anita needed to incorporate the specific identity of the building but be stylised to just a black/white logo.  Readable in small and large sizes.  The style of the building is eclectic, exterior is a historical monument, inside modern look with some classical touches.

Bar Magazine – Hotel Donny

Using the existing company style a new bar magazine needed to be designed. The company style was somewhat expanded to fit a more dynamic magazine style layout.